$173 million in Madoff’s Desk drawer

madoff-3Madoff Investigators Claim to Find 100 Checks in Desk (Bloomberg)

Investigators searching the office desk of Bernard Madoff after his arrest found about 100 signed checks, totaling about $173 million, ready to be sent to family, friends, and employees, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors have previously disclosed that Madoff, before his Dec. 11 arrest, had said he wanted to transfer $200 million to $300 million of his investors’ money to “selected family, friends, and employees.” Litt’s letter today indicates that Madoff was ready to send the money out.

“The only thing that prevented the defendant from executing his plan to dissipate those assets was his arrest by the FBI on Dec. 11,” Litt wrote in his letter. [Read more]

Bernie’s a class A jackass. Okay, I said it–but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

Why is he not in jail already? Probably because he had already written a check to his judge.

Aim for Answers 


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