Madoff Must Reveal all Assets

Madoff to Reveal Assets as Investors Sue for Funds (Bloomberg)

Investors looking to recoup some of the $50 billion they lost in Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme may get a better idea what the New York financial adviser has left when he is forced to reveal his assets to regulators.

Madoff, 70, must provide a detailed list of all investments, loans, lines of credit, business interests, brokerage accounts and other holdings to the Securities and Exchange Commission by New Year’s Eve, a federal judge ruled. Madoff’s foreign business units were given until Jan. 26 to provide a similar accounting. [Read More]

The judge gave him until New Year’s eve to report all assets to the S.E.C.  This list should be a real eye opener.  Victims will learn more of the awful truth surrounding their investments with Madoff.

On another note, there seems to be a ton of gossip surrounding Walter Noel, his girls, and Fairfield Greenwich.


Hunting Monica & Walter Noel (Cityfile)

Aim for Answers


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