Madoff Tuesday: Lifestyles of Lawsuits & Legacy Jets

madoff-sketchupFairfield Greenwich Fund Sued by Investors for Madoff Ventures (Bloomberg)

Noel’s Greenwich Sentry fund invested $220 million with Madoff and his Fairfield Sentry fund invested $7.3 billion solely in Madoff, jeopardizing investors’ interests while collecting “millions of dollars in fees,” according to a complaint filed Dec. 19 in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. [Read more]

Unfortunately…. (Dealbreaker)

First we had the problem where our NAV calculations suffered due to a division by zero error.  [Read more] [Dear Fairfield Investor]

Madoff: Lifestyles of the rich and infamous (Fortune)

Bernard Madoff, the man behind an alleged $50 billion fraud, has a yacht named ‘Bull,’ owns several luxurious homes and may even have had two private planes on call. [Read more]

Air Bernie: Welcome Aboard! (Cityfile)

It’s not all bad news for the folks defrauded by Bernie Madoff. In addition to his handful of homes in Manhattan, Montauk, and Palm Beach, it’s likely Madoff’s 50 percent stake in this $24 million Embaer Legacy jet will eventually be distributed to the people he cheated as part of his elaborate scheme. [Read more]

Madoff investor seeks relief from SEC: report (Reuters)

An investor who lost nearly $2 million investing with Bernard Madoff has filed a claim against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleging the agency was negligent in failing to detect an alleged decades-long fraud, the Wall Street Journal said. [Read more]

Why is it that so many of the Forbes 400 are hedge fund managers?  These guys are dumb and their only talent is wasting other peoples’ money.  From Bernie and Walter to Chris Cox and George Bush, these guys are the reason our financial system is collapsing.  What these guys don’t get is that we live in the age of information.  The masses know all about these idiots, where they go, what they spend, and how they live.  

My advice to Bernie and his friends: watch out and sleep with one eye open.  The revolution will not be televised, but it will be available on YouTube.

Aim for Answers 


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