Madoff Monday: Burned Bridges & Divorce

madoff_oldwebMadoff Monday begins with some gossip on Andrew Madoff’s wife, Deborah, who reportedly filed for divorce the same day Bernie got arrested.  Mark and Andrew are apparently not speaking to their parents either.

Were you ever a Madoff investor? Thought you made some money and avoided this nightmare? Think again


Brothers Andrew and Mark Madoff have not uttered a word to their disgraced financier father since they turned him in to authorities on Dec. 11.

It became even tougher for Andrew, 42, when his wife of almost 17 years, Deborah, 41, filed divorce papers in Manhattan Family Court on the same day his dad was cuffed. [Read more] [Bernie’s Circle]

Sosnik Bell To Madoff Victims: We’re “Shocked” To Learn Of This Fraud (CLUSTERSTOCK)

Gold Medal Swindler Madoff Rips Off Olympic Committee (The Business Sheet)

Added Insult to Madoff Investors (Fortune)

According to Bentley, it is long-settled law that some investors might have to give back some or all of their investment gains. But what has changed as a result of a federal court ruling in 2007 — stemming from the faked results and misappropriation by the now-convicted managers of the $450 million Bayou hedge funds — is that some investors might have to return some of their principal, too. [Read more]


picture-22Want to see the details of Madoff’s criminal complaint?  

U.S. v. Madoff, 08-mag-2735

Order Freezing Assets and Granting Other Relief 

Go way back and see Madoff web site through the years. Or see it today: (taken over by the courts).

Aim for Answers


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