Madoff Sunday: Victims list, FBI Shifts Resources, Gossip, Tremont

madoff-3Today, I’m reading the growing list of Madoff investors/victims.  Also, the FBI is shifting resources to deal with fraud cases, including Madoff.  

There’s also more gossip and rumors surrounding the case, including photos of Madoff watching TV and  big Madoff investors still living the high life in the face of huge losses. And more info surrounding Tremont Funds.

Bring Us The Bodies (Dealbreaker)

Although his Fairfield Greenwich Group had its ass torn out of the revelation that Madoff’s biz was a Ponz, Walter Noel is apparently still living it up, in velvet dinner jackets, no less. So that’s nice. Unfortunately, then we have killjoy Ezra Merkin, liquidating his Gabriel Capital LP: [Read more]

Madoff Mania (New York Social Diary)

Great article for those who want to know the skinny surrounding Madoff (complete with photos).

Someone told me that among the crowd congregated outside his building was a man who threw a punch at him. There are others who suggest that he’s endangering himself by going out in public. There are others who are convinced that some distraught now-former client will want to kill him. Or that he wlll do it himself. [Read more]


Madoff CFO, Frank Dipascali, Married to JPMorganChase Private Banker (Mrs Panstreppon’s Blog)

Nice family. Frank pushes phony equities and his wife writes worthless mortgages.

FBI Agents Shifted From Terror Work to Madoff, Subprime Probes (Bloomberg)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has had to engage in “triage” in responding to successive frauds involving subprime mortgages, auction-rate securities and Madoff, who prosecutors said confessed this month to bilking investors out of $50 billion, Cardona said in an interview yesterday. [Read more]

Madoff’s Victims [Investor list & Amount of Exposure] (The Wall Street Journal)

Victims include hedge funds, charities, schools and even a Korean Teachers pension fund.  Wow, the International Olympic Committee too. OMG!

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro Investigating Tremont Group Holdings and the Rye Fund, Alleged Feeder Funds Affected by Madoff Fraud (

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP ( is investigating the actions of MassMutual’s Tremont Group Holdings, Inc., Rye Investment Management and the parent company Oppenheimer Funds, on behalf of investors who lost millions in the recent Madoff downfall. The firm is investigating potential breach of fiduciary duties and other legal obligations to clients who invested in Tremont Funds, specifically the Rye Select Fund (“The Rye Fund”) and Tremont Capital. [Read more]

Aim for Answers

One thought on “Madoff Sunday: Victims list, FBI Shifts Resources, Gossip, Tremont

  1. What is this obsession with what we are in is called? Does it matter when you pay your bills? When the government is planning on and has already bailed out those who are not only operating a business by making bad decisions but they are doing things that are against the law. When Maddoff has been stealing for over a decade tally is currently at over 50 Billion, when Dreier has been involved in identity theft and stealing and his firm can file for bankruptcy, when Bank of America who has the top two ranking for identity theft is given bailout money? The bailout money is not free, it is paid for by you and I. The tax payers of this country need to stop this now. We should say no more. What are your thoughts?

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