Madoff: Tales in the City

madoff-2Here’s a bit of my Saturday reading on Madoff and his mess.  From folks obsessed to fights in Palm Beach, all the sorted tales are revealed.

NewsDaily: Charity Picower says closes from Madoff losses

(2008-12-20) — The Picower Foundation, a charity that supports programs ranging from medical research to education, said it was shutting down because of losses from investments with Bernard Madoff.

If I turn myself into the police, will I get locked up in a $7 million dollar upper east side apartment too?

So who’s really paying for his [security] guards?  If his wife wrote a check, doesn’t that actually mean that his victims are paying to protect him?

Hey Mr. Madoff:  All these charities, Really? You suck !!!

“Aim for Answers”


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