Madoff Under 24/7 House Arrest

Madoff Restricted to Home; U.S. Warns of Harm, Flight. (Bloomberg)

madoff-fMadoff, 70, had been subject to electronic monitoring and a 7 p.m. curfew under a Dec. 17 court order. Now he is barred from leaving his Upper East Side apartment except for court appearances, and his building will be watched by security guards and video surveillance, according to a letter from prosecutors filed today in federal court in Manhattan.

The security service, which will be in place by tomorrow, will watch Madoff’s doors and will be able to send a signal from an observation post to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the letter. One reason for the new bail conditions was “to prevent harm or flight,” the government said. [Read more]

From The New York Times: Madoff Placed Under 24-Hour House Arrest

The New York Daily News reported:

“Bernie has been told that if he doesn’t cough up every dime he has hidden in offshore accounts, someone in his family will be killed,” said one source who knows several of Madoff’s affluent victims. [Read more]

Madoff Reportedly Receiving Death Threats.  (Gothamist)

From Cluster Stock: More Groups Hired Madoff-Linked Mystery Firm Sosnik Bell

It’s not hard to imagine threats to a man who swindled folks and charities out of $50 billion dollars. 

“Aim for Answers”

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