Did Bernie act alone?

Did Bernard Madoff act alone? – Dec. 18, 2008.

From Fortune:

It’s hard enough to legitimately manage $50 billion. To falsify books and hide that big a sum, though, experts suggest Bernard Madoff had help. But who?

…And account statements uncovered by the website CityFile show that Mark Madoff’s charitable trust was handled by asset-management firm Neuberger Berman, rather than by his dad. The millions in Bernie Madoff’s foundation were managed by his own investment firm. [Read more]

It makes no sense that Madoff acted this alone.  That’s just silly.  It sounds like he’s trying to keep his family out of trouble.  How naive.  His boys are claiming shock and wouldn’t even co-sign on his bond.




Want to see the details of Madoff’s criminal complaint?  

U.S. v. Madoff, 08-mag-2735


Order Freezing Assets and Granting Other Relief 

“Aim for Answers”

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