Madoff & his Extravagances at Others’ Expenses

From Bloomberg: Madoff Enjoyed $50 Pedicures, 9.8 Handicap, Boat Called ‘Bull’ 

mad1Two weeks ago,Bernard Madoff stopped by the Everglades Barber Shop off Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida, for the usual: a $65 haircut, a $40 shave, a $50 pedicure and a $22 manicure. Exclusive on Madoff

Can you believe this guy?  He is the poster child for the morally bankrupt. Unfortunately, that group is growing by the day.

Also from Bloomberg: Madoff’s Investors Had More Than $34 Billion: Table 

Want to see the details of the case?  U.S. v. Madoff, 08-mag-2735

P.S. I use this photo out of respect for those Madoff has swindled.  I figure his face is just too sickening to see.

“Aim for Answers”


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