Madoff’s Wife: Keeping Secrets?

Madoff’s Wife Said to Be Investigated Over Ponzi Scheme Records

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 Ruth Madoff, the 67-year-old wife of alleged fraud mastermind Bernard Madoff, is being investigated by U.S. regulators over whether she helped maintain secret records used in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, a person familiar with the matter said. [Read more]

Ruth Madoff’s campaign contributions

From the Evening Standard: How much did Madoff wife know about his $50billion swindle?

From the New York Observer: Bernie Madoff Ate Steak, Got $40 Shaves and Enjoyed Fishing in His $462,000 Fishing Boat

From THE DAILY BEAST: The Madoff Lifestyle

Awesome Madoff gossip from

We’re not even a week into the Madoff Movie of the Week and it seems as though the victims, and their truly saddening sob stories, will not stop piling up. Old people in Palm Beach who’ve lost everything. Charities that are being forced to close up shop.  [Read more]

From the New York Post: MADOFF FAMILY TIES

There aren’t many people left for alleged mega-swindler Bernard Madoff to alienate – even his sons seem to want to let him rot in jail.

MORE: Even Uma Beau Gets Skimmed

MORE: Madoff Family Ties

PHOTOS: Bernard Madoff

PHOTOS: Maddoff Victims

From Wiki leaks: Deleted Bernard Securities contact info

What a mess!

“Aim for Answers” 


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