Madoff & (the lack of) Investor Confidence

From CLUSTERSTOCK: The Madoff Effect: Investor Confidence Crushed.

mad1There are far more losers in the Bernie Madoff Affair than just those wealthy individuals, banks and hedge funds whose money he apparently squandered. His scam threatens to damage the entire investment business. [Read more]

With Madoff, Dreier, and oh, yeah the economy sinking, I believe the Dow will find a new bottom and I think that bottom is 4000.  Oh, no.

So what will the rich do now? Even if they can get their money back from the hedge funds, where will they put it? In Treasury bills? I think they’re already doing that.

“Aim for Something” 

One thought on “Madoff & (the lack of) Investor Confidence

  1. I remember this advertise that once ran on tv. A young and an older fella … Wall Street type of guys. The younger all enthusiastic about the services offered by this bank in which he had just opened an account … So the older fella interrrupts all that enthusiasm of his younger friend and says: “Tsk … tsk tsk … my bank gives me all that plus hedge fund options …”. They were both talking about the same bank … and none figured it out … Hedge funds were a financial product recently released … nowadays I thank having the memory to keep that advertise in mind ’til today … remembering it is better than a sordid joke hurled with abandon …

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