Billy the ‘Small Business Owner’

Unlike Joe the Plumber, my husband Billy runs a small business with his mom and is not worried about the possible tax implications his business may face under Obama’s tax plan.

Rather, Billy is quite concerned about the direction of the country and he wants a president who believes in government programs and support in times of recession.  He knows that government investment in people and infrastructure is key to bringing back prosperity in our economy.

You see, Billy’s business is in commercial construction.  He works with engineers and contractors to meet safety code standards on schools, hospitals and other emergency facilities.  As you might imagine, it is essential for federal, state and local governments to continue to invest in infrastructure for Billy’s business to survive and grow.

Billy feels, if he’s fortunate enough to make a quarter million dollars in profit next year, he won’t mind the higher tax bracket. Once the economy turns around, he plans to hire additional employees, and with Obama’s plan he will receive tax credits for hiring and expansion. 

He told me, “Paying taxes is patriotic. It’s my duty as an American.”

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