Foreclosed Vote: No Home, No Vote.

Is the GOP afraid of Ohio voters with foreclosures?

The DNC and the Obama Campaign have now filed suit in Michigan.  Is an Ohio lawsuit next?

Although federal law ensures that most still will be able to cast a ballot on Nov. 4, Ohio voters with outdated addresses risk pre-election challenges and trips from polling place to polling place. They’re also more likely to cast provisional ballots that might not be counted.

Franklin County GOP Chairman Doug Preisse didn’t rule out challenges before Nov. 4. He said his party wants “clean, accurate voter lists“…

Read More:
Foreclosed-on voters using old addresses could snag election
By ROBERT VITALE The Columbus Dispatch

Is the GOP Afraid of Voters with Foreclosures? Lawsuit Filed in Michigan
Ask Aimee

Lose your house, lose your vote
By ED BRAYTON The Michigan Messenger 

Vote! Vote! Vote! Don’t forget to register and vote this November! (Register Online Now)

“Aim for the Election”

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