No More ‘s’ in https:// Thanks to Obama, McCain & the U.S. Senate

ATTN: Members of the U.S. Senate, namely Barack Obama

Are you a U.S. Senator voting today? Read this first and support a filibuster of any bill containing “Telecom Immunity.” 

ATTN: Citizens

Keep in mind the far reaching aspects of this measure.  Telecom doesn’t mean just phones anymore.  If they get away with this now, your computers become at risk in the near future.   Sure, say you have nothing to hide or keep private.  What about;

  • your personal banking records & passwords
  • your business documents & of course, 
  • your health records?

Make these Telecom firms accountable for not following the clearly stated FISA rules which have both protected us and respected us for 30 years.

This legislation isn’t about privacy for suspected terrorists. It is about allowing the executive branch of our government to skirt the law when it pleases as well as those who blindly follow them.

The current proposal in the Senate (voting today) will allow the Telecom friends of the White House to get away with illegal eavesdropping.

Judge Walker, appointed by former President Bush, wrote a recent opinion finding that “AT&T cannot seriously contend that a reasonable entity in its position could have believed that the alleged domestic dragnet was legal.

Important Articles about the Immunity & FISA:

Definition of FISA

“George Bush’s latest powers, courtesy of the Democratic Congress” Glenn Greenwald,

Judge Walker’s recent Decision

Facts on the Senator Kit Bond’s (R-Mo.) FISA Proposal

“Obama Backing FISA ‘Compromise” Greg Sargent, TPM Election Central 

Eff Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston on Immunity Compromise

Active FISA related legislation in the U.S. Senate

Special Thanks to for bringing this to my attention.

“Aim for Truth”

(Feel free to debate me, just don’t hate me.) 


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