Know the Candidates

I found a great article today with some interesting facts on John McCain and Barack Obama.  If you’re planning to vote this November, and I hope all of you are, then knowing all you can about the presidential candidates should be a moral imperative.

For instance:

  • Both John McCain & Barack Obama were born outside the Continental United States.
  • John McCain was ranked 894 out of 899 in his 1958 graduating class at the U.S. Naval Academy.
  • Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University in 1981 and Harvard Law School in 1991.

Check out the video article, “America, Love it or Fix it” at Good Magazine.

“Aim for the Election”


2 thoughts on “Know the Candidates

  1. It could also be because they have good credit. My husband and I were able to to lock-in a rate better than that due to our clean credit report. However, we did not by property in the Chicago area.

    It seems to me, all senators get better deals than the average citizen (especially when it comes to health care coverage).

    More information is better than less. Let’s know all we can.
    Thanks for the article goodtimepolitics.

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