Welcome to Aimee’s Blog on WordPress!


Update: I’m a jackass. Read this drivel at your own risk.

Thank you for visiting Aimee’s Blog on WordPress! Please take a look at my official web site to see my latest posts and more at AimeesBlog.com.

I am a Web Designer and one of the founding geeks of 4 Geeks and a Laptop, Inc. (est. 2000). Most of my time is spent managing AimeesBlog.com and the 4 Geeks site, xpgeeks.com.   The rest of my time is spent with my husband, my dog E.T. and my two cats, Monkey & Binky.

Just last month I began work on AimeesBlog.com, which is to be my great Opus (combining my knowledge of computers, programming and design with my educational background in Political Science).  I believe this will ultimately make for one really interesting web site.

Though, I’ve built many web sites in the past, this is the first time I have the opportunity to make a web site just for and about me.

The purpose for this site is to give me a creative outlet for all of my thoughts, and opinions on everything from the serious, like controversial public policy issues, to the silly, like my thoughts on the new “Denise Richards” show on “E” Entertainment Television, and of course useful computer tips.

With any luck, Aimee’s Blog will become an entertaining, useful, thought provoking, and fun spot to peruse during your daily surf.

A Brief Biography

Prague CastleAfter graduating from East Carolina University, I spent several months with the hope of finding a government or policy position in Prague.  This did not come to fruition, so I returned to the U.S. and began working in the food brokerage business as an analyst.  After a few years in the brokerage business, I passed up a promotion in order to start my own company.

In 2000, 4 Geeks and a Laptop, Inc. was founded and began creating, managing and servicing web sites as well as conducting on-site technical support.  4 Geeks and a Laptop serviced over 100 clients in the Wilmington and Raleigh areas, including several non-profit organizations.

In the fall of 2006, 4 Geeks and a Laptop relocated to the Charlotte area and is currently building a new base of on-site technical support clients as well as continuing to host and maintain several web sites.


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